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Zazen Scalar Balanced FIR Thermal System

What is Far Infrared Ray (FIR)?


Far Infrared Rays are the spectrum of sunlight that form invisible light energy. This radiant heat is essential to all life, the rays can alter and enhance the body’s basic biological functions. It not only imbues all the therapeutic benefits of natural sunlight, but does so in a way that brings ease to our wellness needs.


How does it work?


FIR rays which are experienced as gentle heat, penetrates approximately 1.5 inches beneath the skin. This light energy transforms to heat energy, gently elevating the body’s core temperature by 1 to 3 degree celsius. This causes blood vessels to dilate, promoting better blood circulation. The heat also pushes the body to remove toxins by a deep sweat. Good circulation of blood and bodily fluids further enhances the distribution of oxygen and ingestion of nutrients to every part of the body. A healthy circulatory system plays a crucial role in maintaining wellness. The body thus naturally metabolises and heals itself which leads to improved vitality. Once the body is strong and healthy, its elevated immune system induces a greater capacity to resist diseases.


Overall Zazen’s Far Infrared Thermal System feeds the body these vital rays, detoxifies, gives the heart a cardio workout and regenerates the body to its natural, ideal state. Far infrared therapy has the ability to powerfully reduce the activity of the sympathetic system (stressed state) thus shifting the body into parasympathetic (rested & relaxed state) - which allows the body to truly nourish, heal, repair, and regenerate both physically and mentally. FIR therapy when done in a scalar field results in an even more beneficial result, thus maximising every minute you spend in the cabin.

How Does one use Zazen Scalar Balanced FIR Thermal System?


The Zazen Scalar Balanced FIR steps in as a simple 30-minute solution for modern living. It can be used daily as part of your upgraded lifestyle. Ultimately FIR is a way to manage your health so you can live a life of quality and maintain a holistic lifestyle conducive to today’s environment



Zazen Far Infrared Saunas come in two models to suit your individual needs. The standard cabin comfortably seats 1 to 2 individuals, whilst the family cabin seats up to 4. All units harness the benefits of Far Infrared rays and can also be upgraded with Scalar with a choice of a 10 core or 20 core Scalar Generator system. It is truly an all-in-one compact, user-friendly thermal system.


Our FIR sauna cabins are made of high-quality, toxin and resin-free, Canadian hemlock wood. Far infrared rays are sensitive to different materials, we use hemlock as it is the safest and most suitable when paired with FIR energy. It’s durability makes for a long-lasting product, which will serve as a worthy investment.


At ZHS we pride ourselves on integrating technology as a medium to promote a healthy lifestyle based on holistic wellness. We are the sole provider of the World’s First Scalar Balanced Far Infrared Sauna for both home and commercial use.

Zazen Standard Cabin PDF.png
1-2 Seater Standard Cabin



1200 x 1170 x 1900 (mm)


Technical Details

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*Pricing is not inclusive of delivery and installation

Zazen Family Cabin PDF.png
3-4 Seater Family Cabin



1500 x 1500 x 600 x 600 x 1250 x 1900 (mm)


Technical Details

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*Pricing is not inclusive of delivery and installation

Purchase any Zazen product to get worth RM1200 complementary in house screening and anti-aging therapy!

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