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MA. MSc. Media Psychologist


Best place and a real doctors office that provides all of your exceptional nutrition therapies. The staff are very attentive. Dr C.C is the most compassionate, caring doctor that I have ever encountered. He devotes as much time necessary to make me feel my best especially when I need energy and a little push. He is very detailed on top of all of my health needs and knows just what to put in my nutrition therapies! Highly recommended Rejuvahub! 


Imagine Marketing Consultancy

Lucas Yang

Dr C.C and the staff are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic to address my health. Due to hectic work life and poor lifestyle choices, my health was in decline. My immunity was weak, I fell ill frequently and developed vitiligo (autoimmune disease). Through series of Rejuvahub therapies, lifestyle changes planned, I am very pleased that my health improved within a couple of months. I feel more energised and my vitiligo condition has improved.


Mother of 2 tenacious teenage girls


I was immensely interested in how to biohack my health to it’s optimal potential. I am extremely impressed and pleased with Rejuvahub’s service and top notched facilities. Instead of giving usual antibiotic, which inadvertently destroyed my microbiome in the long run, Dr C.C prescribed nutritional therapies for mold toxicity and Blastocytisis. I was amazed that, not only this healed me in astounding efficacies but it strengthens, enhances my immune system, concentration, focus, and giving me all-encompassing positive physiological feelings of wellness.



Director, Majestic Resources Asia Inc

Tracey Lim

I used to feel tired, regardless of how much I have rested the nights before. A friend introduced me to those wonderful nutritional therapies at Rejuvahub. Since then, my life changed for better with much more energy and alertness. Now I always feeling energetic and am loving my life positively with radiance!


Managing Director,

Behavioural Consulting Group

Laletha Nithiyanandan

I have benefited from Rejuvahub’s nutritional therapies and Dr C.C’s expertise. He was able to take a holistic view of all my medical tests results and helped to tweak my supplements to start taking control of my health. The staff here are very professional and caring too.


Financial Advisor/Trading Rep,

Phillip Securities P/L

Kelvin Ang

I was diagnosed with stage 4 nose cancer in Feb 2019. I am impressed that the staff is very caring and attentive. I can feel their genuine, care and concern for my well-being. Dr CC is very helpful to assist my health concerns. Rejuvahub’s therapies have contributed to strengthening and regenerating my immune system while undergoing conventional treatments. I am tumour-free since April 2020! I am honoured to be the FIRST customer at Rejuvahub! 

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