FB Live: The Best Cancer Diet

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

FB Live: The Best Cancer Diet

“WHAT SHOULD I EAT IF I HAVE CANCER?” This is a question that most cancer patients will ask in their minds.

Growing evidence shows that dietary habits and nutrition play an important role in cancer. There is plenty of information on the Internet which has different schools of thoughts and this makes it very confusing for a cancer patient to choose what is the right diet for themselves.

Let us dive deep into discovering the food and diet that prevents and fights cancer.

You may interact with Dr Lim during the live-streaming and seek clarifications. Some promotional treatment packages will be released during the event.

FB Live conducted in Mandarin. Free participation. Stay tuned 愈新园, Rejuvahub, or 人间烟火 FB. Click Going/Interested/Get Reminder, you will get a reminder before the live-streaming starts.

You are also welcomed to post questions in the comment section in advance, Dr Lim will answer your questions during the live-streaming.


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