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Want to reduce medication but unsure how to move forward? Want to explore perspective and recommendations from functional integrative medicine doctors? Some diseases especially chronic illness require heavy medications which can cause more unwanted side effects. Our doctor will provide myriad of alternatives and suggestions to help the patients to map out their recovery road to better quality lifestyle and nutrition. 

What is second opinion? 


The second opinion allows the patient to explore alternatives which they can integrate with their first opinion or choose the second opinion if they feel comfortable and good. The second opinion sometimes can help to prevent wastage of patient’s time, resources and inconvenience.


Why second opinion is required?


Some chronic illness are complex and have deep underlying issues. Our method focus on identifying the root of the sickness and tackle it directly instead of covering symptoms. While a panadol or pain reliever medication help the patient with pain relief but it does not tackle the underlying root of the sickness that could be causing the host of inflammations and infections. Another example is cancer, which is a very complex treatment. It is normal and also wise to have 2nd opinion from expert because most cancer patients want to access the situation more clearly and this will help the patient to feel more confident.


What do expect from our online doctor consultation?


We welcome any patients who have chronic illness such as autoimmune, heart disease, lymes disease, hormonal imbalance, weight management issues, cancer and many more. We offer specialised test such as Food Inflammation Testing IgG + Complement (132 food), DNA Analysis Test, Organic OAT Test and many more to aid in their diagnosis to identify the root of problem in their current health issues. 


We identify their needs/concerns and propose solutions so that the patients will have more confidence and newfound knowledge to overcome their needs and concerns in their health issue. 


We welcome healthy people who are looking for 2nd opinion on how to achieve optimal hormonal performance, nutrition and lifestyle through natural means so that they can witness their exciting health and youth transformation regardless of their age!


The customers can also expect premium natural products/test kits to be delivered to them upon their request to the doctor. 


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  3. Once confirmed, email us the medical reports to allow our doctor to have more time to prepare, study, and recommend 2nd opinions.

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