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Medical Team


Co Founder, Chief Medical Officer

Dr CC Lim

Dr CC Lim is an Integrative & Functional Medicine doctor, Certified in American Board of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine (ABAARM). He is an advocate for using integrative and holistic approach to help people achieve optimal health and wellness, with particular interests in Integrative Oncology, Gut health, Regenerative medicine & Lyme disease.
Dr Lim also possesses a strong interest in Biohacking which is the optimization of health, well-being and performance by utilizing science, technology and a deep understanding of human physiology and nutrition. He is a firm believer of the integrated approach that encompasses both modern science & technology with the ancient knowledge of naturopathic healing, is the ultimate way to achieve true optimal health and wellness. 
With such knowledge and interest, Dr Lim is committed in empowering and assisting individuals to overcome their health obstacles and achieve optimal wellness via an empathetic, person-centered & personalized approach.


Medical Nutritionist

Yap Boon Xin

Yap Boon Xin is a dietetic graduate from Universiti Putra Malaysia. She has gone through one year internship in different settings (outpatient, in-patient, ICU, food service and community) at Hospital Serdang, Kajang, PCMC, Melaka respectively.


She started her journey with Rejuvahub as she advocates the principle of nourishing the body with the necessary nutrients together with lifestyle changes would make a huge difference in preventing disease and healing of the body. She believes that “When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.”


Medical Nutritionist

Koh Liang Xuan

Koh Liang Xuan is a certified dietitian based in Johor Bahru. She earned her Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Dietetics with Nutrition from International Medical University in 2019 and has completed her dietetic internship in both clinical and community settings where she set her foundation for work ethics including integrity, accountability, honesty, and respect for others.


Liang Xuan is passionate about relaying well-founded and evidence-based nutrition information to her patients and the general public. As she believes nutrition is the key to prevention and treatment of disease as well as longevity and better quality of life, this leads her to Rejuvahub to help patients and clients to obtain optimal health with passion and love.


Registered Nurse

Farra Faeiza Nawawi

Farra Faeiza Nawawi is an experienced board registered nurse, graduated from KPJ International University College of Nursing & Health Sciences. She has 12 years experience in nursing and has worked and trained in various departments. However, her passion in palliative care has set the foundation for her work ethics, loyalty, reliability and honesty in her career as well as in her personal life.


She spent 3 years working as an integrative nurse in a hyperthermia Clinic, helping patients with cancer and Lyme Disease. This shifted her paradigm and led her to Rejuvahub, as she developed a greater interest in functional and integrative medicine.


She strives to be part of the cause of Rejuvahub, which is to help more people to achieve optimal health and prevent disease through a natural and holistic approach.


Registered Nurse

Noor Ainon Sa'ahmad

Noor Ainon Sa'ahmad is a board registered nurse graduated from Masterskill College of Nursing and Health Science. She has been practicing nursing for the past 11 years going through various training & posting in medical, surgical, paediatric, obstetric and gynaecology, and oncology departments. Before joining Rejuvahub, she spent 3 years in an oncology and hyperthermia clinic as an integrative nurse attending to patients with cancer and also those who have come from overseas to seek treatment for Lyme disease. The experience gained there has helped establish her nursing practice and knowledge in this area. She developed a greater interest in Functional and Integrative Medicine since joining us in 2019.


She believes that at Rejuvahub, patients and clients alike are able to achieve better health and quality lifestyle through the integrated therapy delivered by our professional and caring team.


Patient Client Service

Danyasaras R.K. Rao

Danyasaras Rama Krushna Rao, our patient client services cum administrator, graduated in medicine at I.M.Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Russia. She did not continue her housemanship due to personal circumstances and she decided to join RejuvaHub, a health-related company so that she can make good use of her medical knowledge and personal experience that she has gained studying in Moscow, while gaining experience in customer service and administration.


She aspires to help more people to achieve optimal health and wellness by being part of the caring and loving team in Rejuvahub.

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