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Integrative Medicine

Dr Homer Lim

Dr Homer Lim is a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas. He is trained in complementary and integrative medicine. 


His interest in complementary therapies began while he was practicing as a conventional Geriatrician in 1998. He would see old patients with a list of over 20 medications and half of which were to negate or counteract the side effects of the main medicines. This made him continue his research on alternative medicine. 


He began researching ways of treating diseases without using conventional medicines, as these cause side effects which are sometimes serious; and secondly, some are quite expensive. He saw retired patients spending their entire monthly pension on the medications prescribed, leaving nothing else for their daily needs. 


During this time, he had the opportunity to practice as a researcher at a Medical Spa in Thailand. He then moved on to medically supervise guests for a hotel for handicapped people. These experiences led him further into the natural healing properties of food as well as complementary therapies such as acupuncture, biofeedback, and traditional Chinese and Thai medicines. 


After 2 years of working in Thailand, he came back to the Philippines and started his own private practice. He began seeing more and more cancer patients who were seeking alternative therapies due to either conventional cancer therapies became intolerable due to side effects or the patients themselves refused to. 


His field of expertise is on integrative oncology (integrating natural and conventional cancer treatments), acupuncture, detoxification, Orthomolecular medicine, homeopathy as well as energy healing. 


He was the medical director of The Farm at San 2010 till 2015, where he upgraded the integrative medical therapies, garnering numerous awards for the Farm. 

Currently, he is the vice president for Training for the International Society for Integrated Anti-Aging Medicine, Founder and President of the International Anti-Aging and Integrative Medicine Society. 


He is also a well sought-after speaker on cancer therapies, nutrition, acupuncture as well other Integrative medical therapies both locally and internationally. He is likewise frequently invited as a guest host for radio and TV shows on complementary medicine.


Integrative and Functional Medicine

Dr Widya Murni

Dr Widya Murni is a medical doctor practising in Jakarta, Indonesia with 13 years experience on Anti Aging Hormone & Nutritional Balance and Integrative & Functional Medicine. Her years of experience in integrative medicine has helped to reverse chronic degenerative diseases which, include cancer. She understands that it is not easy to cure cancer. She strongly believes that the quality lifestyle based on functional medicine principle is very important for cancer patients because this can assist the improvement of the root of causes and better body conditioning from internal to external. 


Armed with the knowledge and skills in Advance Hormone Therapy from International Hormone Society in Belgium, she is able to understand and knows how to solve many chronic diseases and health problems that arise from hormonal imbalance and nutritional deficiency. Her portfolio of patients are from all over Indonesia and international countries.

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