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Our Mission Statement

A sanctuary that encompasses Faith, Hope and Love touching everyone's life



Combining various medical disciplines with a host of functional therapy approaches, RejuvaHub (formerly known as Tree of Life) is a one-stop, fully integrated centre specialised in preventing and managing chronic illnesses. 


At RejuvaHub, we focus on lifestyle changes, nutrition, fitness, diet and supplementation, together with modern technology and medicine, aiming to provide sustainable wellness to each and every patient that walks through our doors, for the betterment of their health and life.  

Services Provided

  • In-house Diagnostic Health Screening

  • Personalised Nutrition Consultation

  • Natural Therapies integrated with Drug Therapies upon patients’/doctor’s requests

  • Aging-Reversal Therapies

  • Chronic Illness Treatments

  • Auto Immune Diseases Management

Our team of dedicated and experienced physician, certified nurses and phlebotomists are on hand to provide an exceptional experience at RejuvaHub.

We work with the best labs in the world to give you an in-depth and comprehensive diagnosis, in order to provide you with the treatments, therapies and solutions that are most sound. 


We are proud to possess an array of high-tech instruments, equipment and facilities, imported from Australia, Germany and Korea, to assist us in diagnosing and treating your health concerns.


At RejuvaHub, our team are wholeheartedly invested in your interest and well being.


We spend time with you, listening to your histories, investigating and uncovering genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can affect your health and wellness in the long term.

We dedicate our time and resources fully to help you achieve your best state of health, prevent illnesses, revitalise and regain your youth, or manage complex chronic disease.

By changing the focus from disease-centered to individual patient-centered, RejuvaHub is able to provide a complete and all-rounded healing process.

Our unique process helps to seek and identify hereditary, lifestyle, hormonal, nutrition, diet and environmental factors that aim to bring a patient from a poor state of well being to a pink of health!

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